Cloud version of the Economatica system

The Cloud version of the Economatica system is now available and offers numerous advantages over your current version. The version you use today is the "local" version, which is installed locally.

No additional cost is associated with migrating to the new version.

To avoid any problems during the migration we'll allow you to run both versions simultaneously for a period of time, the local and cloud version, without any additional cost.

Contact us now to request your trial to the cloud version.


Identical Interface: No need to learn a new interface since the interface of both the cloud and local versions is identical.

Access from any computer: The cloud version can be accessed from any web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) so long as your computer has an internet connection. It gives you access to all of your customized screens.

There is no initial setup process: Since the cloud version is accessed through the browser, nothing needs to be installed.

Data always current: Each time you access the cloud version the database is already up-to-date. Should stock prices become available while you're in the cloud system, you'll be able to update the database without interrupting any other users who might also be using the Economatica system.

No crashes: The cloud version is not prone to crashes that can lead to corrupt database files, locked files in your server, the need of reinstallation, etc.

Works on Mac: The cloud version can be accessed from Mac computers or Ipads (with certain limitations).

Faster Processing: The cloud servers are very powerful and can perform complex operations at very high speeds (large filters, large sorts, etc)

Who is the cloud version NOT ideal for

Excel links: The cloud version does not yet support the option for dynamic linking to Excel (DDE links). This option will be implemented in the near future. Until then, clients who require linking to Excel should continue to use the local version of Economatica.


Internet connection: Access to reliable broadband is necessary. The performance of the system is adversely affected by a poor internet connection.

Browser: Access to the cloud version is done through your browser. The browser needs to support HTML5. The versions that are currently compatible with this technology are:

Websocket: Allow secure protocol via port 443 to the Economatica servers found in the domains *

Contact us now to request your trial to the cloud version.